About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Engineers

Field Tech Engineering Services Limited is a fully Ghanaian owned company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. The objective of the company is to provide a wide range of services to both local and international companies operating in the petroleum, mining, power sector and Telecommunication sectors of Ghana. The core competence of Field Tech, as a business, lies in our ability to leverage on the key individual strengths and experience of our work force. To this end, we have employed very competent work force and plan to invest heavily in building the capacities of our work force. The company will provide high quality technical and engineering services to its clients.



This Policy reflects FieldTech’s commitment to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors and clients. FieldTech is aware of the risk of the activities in the Oil and Gas and onshore industries and recognizes the will of its employees and subcontractors to safeguard lives and property while providing top of the notch quality services. FieldTech therefore has established a total quality and safety system that enables sharing of best practices from previous projects amongst its employees and subcontractors and active communication thereof. By maintaining a high level of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) FieldTech commits to:
• A culture of zero harm. We coordinate with our clients and subcontractors to
establish/implement the highest QHSE performance criterion for each project;
• Create a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, subcontractors
and clients which includes the accurate and timely reporting of all near miss incidents,
property damages, illnesses and injuries;
• Comply with all applicable safety and occupational health laws, regulation standards,
codes of practice in all countries and industries in which we operate;
• Keep risks to personnel, equipment and the environment at a level as low as reasonably
• Stimulate a culture of safety awareness and continuous improvement.
FieldTech commits to deliver on measurable objectives and targets that will drive the
continuous improvements necessary to pursue an injury-free and occupational illness-free workplace every day, everywhere to achieve a culture of zero harm on all projects.

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Company Mission

To provide the onshore and offshore industries with a compelling alternative by offering thembespoke services that will enable them maximize their technological investment with high levelof safety.

Why Choose Us

The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs makes us the preferred engineering partner.